Our School

School Vision

Our Vision

We are highly ambitious for all of our pupils, and through excellent teaching and learning we embed six learning characteristics into everything we do. Pupils at Rush Common School grow into effective communicators, knowledgeable learners, critical thinkers, creative learners, self-aware and empathetic pupils and confident learners.

We provide a safe, enjoyable and inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity, embraces challenge and nurtures individual talent. Each pupil’s personal development is carefully crafted over time to enable them to live their lives to the fullest, now and in the future.

Our school is a place where all of our pupils are able to dream, aspire and succeed.


Achieving the Vision


  • Consistent behaviour policy that expects all pupils to be safe, kind and respectful at all times.
  • A curriculum for all subjects that is ambitious, coherent, well-sequenced and driven by subject leads.
  • A set of teaching and learning principles that are followed by all and give rise to high quality, inclusive teaching practice that drives rapid progress and strong outcomes for all pupils.
  • Continual and regular reference to our 6 learning characteristics in all teaching sequences and whole school assemblies, which ensures depth of learning and impact.
  • Highly detailed understanding of the attainment, progress, and individual circumstances of disadvantaged and SEND pupils, leading to highly tailored provision.
  • The values of professionalism, continual improvement, positivity, trust, strong relationships and effective communication create a dynamic culture of success.
  • A leadership team that care deeply about teaching and learning and the development, success and well-being of staff.