Our Learning


Our aim is to develop Reading skills to support children’s acquisition of knowledge and as a school we recognise how centrally important reading is to function in society. We aim to support children to become fluent in reading a range of fiction and non- fiction texts and help them to develop the decoding and comprehension skills necessary to understand texts deeply, make links across texts and find pleasure in reading. We have a broad and balanced literature spine, which provides pupils with exposure to a range of high-level texts that equips them with a strong command of language and appreciation of a varied literary heritage.

Across the whole school a set text is used for the whole class so pupils can develop a deep understanding of the text, which then feeds into their English lessons. Secondary texts are also used in the reading session, which may be based on the genre being studied in English. The reading domains below are taught and practiced in reading sessions so that pupils are able to develop a broad range of reading skills.



School Library

At Rush Common we encourage children to read for pleasure. Our school library contains a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction books. Visitors to the library will receive a warm welcome from  our school librarian. Children are timetabled to visit the library every week. They may borrow one book at a time and keep it for up to two weeks.

We are really pleased to be able to open the library for families to visit together after school on Monday afternoons between 3.00pm and 3.30pm.



RCS Recommended Reads 3 and 4

RCS Recommended Reads 5 and 6

Progression in Reading Comprehension EYFS NC Y1-6 2021