Our Learning


We aim to deliver a high-quality physical education curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed in reaching their full potential. Pupils develop confidence and self-awareness about their physical abilities as they progress through the wide range of skills and sports taught by our specialist PE teacher. We provide many opportunities to compete in sport both through internal school competition and in competition against local schools.

The PE scheme of work progressively builds key knowledge, skills and techniques which, combined with varied and flexible teaching styles, provides stimulating, challenging and enjoyable learning opportunities for pupils. We would like our pupils to become creative, self-aware, empathetic and confident learners

All children receive two hours of physical education a week. In KS1, children will aim to build on their skills of agility, co-ordination and balance. At this stage we will introduce the concept of competition through small-sided games which allow the children to put the skills they have learnt into practice. These skills are then developed in more specific games and sports throughout Key Stage 2.

The children also take part in indoor lessons, which consist of dance and gymnastics units. Here the children have the chance to revisit and build on the knowledge, skills and techniques acquired in the previous key stage.  Pupils develop their creative skills, whilst continually improving their balance, strength, coordination and agility. We also have units to cover areas of physical fitness and personal best, including cross-country and circuit training lessons.



School Games Mark – Gold Award

Rush Common has consistently been awarded the Gold Level School Games Mark in recognition of its commitment to and development of competition, school sport and physical education.  To receive the Gold Level of accreditation the school has continued to successfully demonstrated achievement of the required standards, which included:


  • At least two hours of high quality curriculum PE each week
  • A sporting calendar that engages 50% of pupils in extra-curricular sporting activities every week
  • Extensive after school extra-curricular provision for pupils
  • Sports coaches and wider school staff involved in the delivery of extra-curricular school sport and lunchtime clubs for all children from Foundation to Year 6
  • Wide ranging involvement in a calendar of different intra and inter school competitions
  • Active pupil sports leaders trained by PE coaches to lead sporting activities throughout every lunchtime in a variety of sports
  • Strong provision for gifted and talented pupils